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Monitored Burglar Alarms Overview: We walk you through the purchase process to help you get the Burglar Alarm System you need.

Need to protect your business against break-ins and theft? A burglar alarm system can provide you with peace of mind and enhanced security.

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Like access control systems, burglar alarms have several components:

Burglar Alarms

Who's manning the phones?

No matter what combination of sensors and keypads your alarm system uses, the most important single aspect of the whole setup is the monitoring service you use.

When your alarm is tripped, it sends a signal to the monitoring service. An operator there will then call a pre-set phone number to ask if there's trouble. If they don't get the designated contact, or if that person can't confirm that everything is under control, the monitoring service will call the police to respond to a break in.

These monitoring services have round-the-clock coverage and can respond to trouble calls in just seconds. It's worth taking the time to interview them on the phone and ask about their training policies, response times, and experience – don't just take the word of the hardware salesperson.

Also make sure you get an alarm system that can be used with multiple providers: don't get locked into using one monitoring service because your control panel is proprietary.

Wired or wireless?

As with access control systems, you'll need to consider whether you'll want a wired or wireless system. Both have advantages: wireless can be easier to install, but in most cases you'll need professional installation for the locks and scanning devices no matter how the system is connected. Typically, wireless systems are more expensive, but price differences have fallen in recent years.

Security beyond an alarm

Do keep in mind that a burglar alarm is the just one step in a chain of security precautions that every business should take. Basic improvements like upgraded locks and windows, along with well-lit parking lots and entryways, can dramatically decrease your chances of falling victim to a break-in. Taking care to lock up expensive and portable items like LCD projectors and notebook computers can help reduce the damages if there is a break-in.

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